Giovanni Rosa

Ph.D Student • STAKE LabUniversity of Molise • Italy


Short Bio. Giovanni Rosa received his bachelor’s degree in Computer Science from the University of Molise, defending a thesis entitled “Are Developers Good in Code Review?” advised by Prof. Rocco Oliveto and co-advised by Prof. Jens Krinke, from the University College of London. Afterward, he received his master’s degree in Software Systems Security also from the University of Molise defending a thesis entitled “Evaluating SZZ Implementations Through a Developer-informed Oracle” advised by Prof. Rocco Oliveto and co-advised by Prof. Gabriele Bavota, from the Università della Svizzera Italiana, and Dr. Simone Scalabrino, from the University of Molise. During his master’s degree, he also obtained a scholarship to work on a research project about machine learning techniques for the automatic analysis of biomedical data.

Research Interests. Continuous Integration and Deployment, Software Quality, Software Maintenance, Empirical Software Engineering


Sep 20, 2022 Our paper “Detecting Functional and Security-Related Issues in Smart Contracts: A Systematic Literature Review” has been accepted for publication in the journal Software: Practice and Experience! :tada:
Aug 13, 2022 Our paper “Fixing Dockerfile Smells: An Empirical Study” been accepted as a registered report for ICSME 2022! :tada:
Aug 02, 2022 Our paper “Assessing and Improving the Quality of Docker Artifacts” has been accepted for the ICSME 2022 Doctoral Symposium! :tada:
Jul 21, 2022 Our paper “Sorry, I don’t Understand: Improving Voice User Interface Testing” has been accepted for inclusion in the ASE 2022 technical program! :tada:

selected publications

  1. [C12]
    Fixing Dockerfile Smells: An Empirical Study
    Giovanni Rosa, Simone Scalabrino, and Rocco Oliveto
    ICSME (Registered Reports) 2022
  2. [C6]
    Evaluating SZZ Implementations Through a Developer-informed Oracle
    Giovanni Rosa, Luca Pascarella, Simone Scalabrino, Rosalia Tufano, Gabriele Bavota, Michele Lanza, and Rocco Oliveto
    ICSE 2021